Vulcanico Rosé Islas Acores 2017

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The Portuguese archipelago of the Azores is home to a winemaking tradition that dates back to its colonization in the 15th century, wherein viticulture was introduced by Franciscan friars. This group of islands is home to a singular terroir and microclimate, one that draws close comparison to the island of Santorini. Like Santorini, the Azores are volcanic islands comprised entirely of black basalt. Pico, the main wine producing island where these vineyards are located, has such poor soil that the vineyard needs to be supplemented with soil from neighboring islands to support vine growth, and even with that, the yields are a fraction of what they are in the rest of the DOC. Additionally, the vineyards are grown in tiny plots (2-6 bush trained vines per square) protected on all sides by small walls called currais to ward off the strong winds that blow in from the nearby beaches. Rose Vulcanico is the ultimate maritime wine, and imbued with the unmistakable volcanic terroir of Pico-salty and fresh, with beautiful precision and acidity.

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