Stellenbosch Vineyards Chenin Blanc “Credo” 2010

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Originally from France, Chenin Blanc is a historic South African cultivar, with registered vineyards more than 100 years old. These ancient beauties are among the world’s greatest vinous treasures, weathered but grounded and settled, completely in tune to their surroundings. Known to acclimate to a variety of conditions, Chenin deftly expresses­ terroir and produces high-quality wines across multiple styles and appellations. Stellenbosch Vineyards is a family estate situated in the Devon Valley. Their 2010 Credo Chenin Blanc is a barrel selection fermented and aged (28 months) in a combination of first and second fill French oak. Easily mistaken for a village level white Burgundy, this golden hued beauty pairs well with lobster, scallops and roasted poultry.  


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