La Staffa Verdicchio di Castello di Jesi 2017

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You can do anything with Verdicchio: dry wine, sweet wine, still wine, sparkling wine, fresh wine, and wine to age. It’s just an amazing grape. Riccardo Bald farms his La Sta a vineyards organically and produces some of the best Verdicchio you will find. Production is very small, and the wines are fresh and pure with lots of minerality, acid, and herbs that pair very well with the citrus and stone fruit aromas and flavors. The vineyards are red clay with lots of limestone and range 300-400M, and everything here is done by hand. This entry level 2017 Verdicchio from Jesi (pronounced Yay-z) is a brilliant way to start any feast, inducing appetite with its lively acid and vibrant mineral-fruit balance.

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