Jean Reverdy Sancerre Blanc 2016

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The village of Sancerre sits atop a rocky hillside overlooking the Loire River.  The wine producing area of Sancerre, which encompasses the village, lies on the left bank of the Loire River at the eastern end of the Loire Valley.  It is here that the river changes direction and heads sharply to the south.  Wine has been produced near the town of Sancerre for hundreds of years.  Its wines were served on the royal tables in the 13th century, but they were not the wonderful white wine Sancerre is famous for today.  They were red wines, most likely Pinot Noir and Gamay.  The first successfully produced white wines were sweet whites made in the 1800’s.  It wasn’t until phyloxera arrived at the end of the 19th century that Sauvignon Blanc was planted in quantity as these vines performed well when grafted onto American rootstock.  This was fortuitous match as the resulting wines were crisp with wonderful aromatics. With the introduction of the French AOC system (which defined grapes that were grown in specific areas) in 1936, Sancerre began cementing its reputation for Sauvignon Blanc.  The original AOC area has been increased many times over the years.  Now sixteen villages are included in the appellation and almost 500 wineries.  The result is that there are now many different styles of Sancerre depending not only on producer but where the vineyards are located. The geology of Sancerre is actually quite diverse.  The eastern end of the appellation has flinty soil which gives a very mineral driven almost steely wine.  Toward the center and southwest, the soils are more chalky which gives the wines lovely aromatics.  Toward the west and north, the soil has more gravel and marl which makes for a more fruit driven wine.  Many of the best vineyards are quite steep and scattered with rocks. 

The Domaine Jean Reverdy is located in Verdigny, one of the top villages in Sancerre, and dates back to 1650. Jean and his son Christophe produce around 100,000 bottles per year on average and export 70% of the total production to UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan and the USA. The Domaine spreads over 12 hectares (29.64 acres): 9 hectares Sauvignon, 3 hectares Pinot Noir, and produces red, rosé and white wine. The age of the vines is 25 years and older. The vineyard is divided into 15 parcels located on the hills of Verdigny, Saint Satur, Sancerre and Thauvenay.

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