Domaine du Gour de Chaule Gigondas Tradition Rouge 2015

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Stéphanie Fumoso is a third generation, female winemaker at her family’s estate situated in the heart of the village of Gigondas. In 1970, her grandmother, Madame Rolande Beaume began bottling what had previously been grapes grown for bulk wine (Sound familiar?). Grenache is the star of the show here and the family has always believed in minimal intervention in both the vineyard and the cave. The grapes are hand-harvested and sent to the press whole-cluster to preserve the essential, wild and rustic character of Gigondas. After a natural fermentation, the wine is racked into large oak “foudres” where it stays for approximately 18 months. The wine is racked no more than three times before it is bottled – unfined and unfiltered – 30 to 36 months after harvest. New oak is not used at this domaine. The resulting wine is sturdy, braced with sweet, dusty tannins, and is intensely aromatic with notes of crushed white pepper, oriental spices and game. Stéphanie manages to capture the character of village in a concentrated wine that also remains light on it’s feet compared to other wines found in the Southern Rhone.

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