D' Pampe Pamplemousse Vermouth 375ml

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Samantha Sheehan founded POE in 2009 after being inspired by the wines she tasted in Burgundy and Champagne.  The goal is not to replicate Burgundy, but rather create alluring, vineyard specific, age-worthy wines revealing the beautiful terroir of California.  There is minimal intervention, judicious use of sulfur, and never any additives.

Made from a base of Pinot Noir rosé, this California vermouth is a warm and vibrant aperitif and incredibly delicious on its own, or mixes beautifully into a number of cocktails:

Grapefruit Garibaldi 3 oz Poe Grapefruit rose 3 oz fresh-pressed grapefruit juice 2 oz sparkling wine Method: Build Glass: Double Rocks Garnish: Grapefruit Slice An introductory sort of cocktail, something easy to make and easier to drink. The flavor compatibility is obvious and is based on a straightforward cocktail called the Garibaldi (Campari and fresh-pressed orange juice.) The key here is to juice the grapefruit a la minute, so be sure to have a citrus reamer or a hand press suitable for grapefruit (online or Shakford's).

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