Bouza do Rei Albarino Rias Biaxas 2017

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The Bouza do Rei is situated in Ribadumía in the heart of the Salnés valley, between the estuaries of Arousa and Pontevedra, the largest coastal plain in Galicia. This is a historical sub-region for Albariño, and one of the most fertile areas of the region. The Val do Salnés is on the west coast and believed to be the birthplace of the Albariño grape. It is the coolest and wettest of all of the regions and has the most area under vine with the largest number of wineries. Generally speaking, the soil here has a high level of granite and is relatively sandy, rich in organic material, slightly acidic, permeable and deep, except on the hills. Bouza do Rei works as a small cooperative and five local vineyard owners pool their resources to make just two wines - both Albariños. Their vines are grown on small hills which rarely reach higher than 100 metres above sea level.
Fermented and raised entirely in stainless steel, this 2017 Bouza do Rei is a naked expression of what Albarino can be: light bodied, fragrant and delicate, the nose showing classic aromas of fresh honeysuckle, juicy Meyer lemon and a Riesling like note of wet slate while the palate adds notes of green apple, sea breeze and lime zest. Good Albarino has an acid profile similar to Chablis and this 2017 delivers plenty in a taught, mouthwatering style. A sure winner for fans of everything from Spanish wines to German Rieslings and Italian Pinot Grigios, it is a high toned, fresh and fragrant white that sells for a song. Pair this excellent maritime Albarino with everything from raw bar style seafood like fresh oysters and clams or experiment to more exotic matchings like Thai style seafood and Sushi.
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